Many people look forward to the holiday season every year for food, fun, and family. However, the holiday feast can wreak havoc on your dentures. You know that trying to cram in one more piece of pie or candy can spell trouble for your teeth, but did you know that even small indulgences can cause your dentures to come loose? Let’s take a closer look at all of the ways that our teeth are affected by the things we eat and drink during the holidays.

First of all, while we’re all looking forward to sitting down and savoring each bite of our favorite holiday meals, the reality is that we tend to take large bites of food when we eat on the go. This is bad news for our teeth and dentures since these larger pieces will sometimes get stuck in the crevices of the denture, causing that section of the denture to become loose. You probably already know that food likes to stick to your dentures, so the more you can limit yourself to smaller bites, the better for both your gums and your dentures.

Another bad habit to kick is biting on nuts, hard candies, or even ice cubes. These foods all pose risks to both natural teeth and to removable devices since they can become lodged in your dentures or cause damage, breaking your dentures entirely! Even eating too many sugar-filled desserts can lead to plaque buildup on your teeth as well as cavities – both of which can increase the risk of gum disease and cause more problems for your dentures down the road.

One common problem that many people encounter during the holiday season is tooth erosion. When your tooth enamel wears away, it can leave your teeth vulnerable to sensitivity, discoloration, cracks, and even tooth loss. Many people don’t realize that acidic foods and beverages can accelerate this process. If you’re feeling the effects of holiday eating and drinking already, talk to your general dentist about how you can protect your smile! They may recommend cutting back on or avoiding certain foods and drinks, rinsing your mouth with water after you eat, or even using special products that can strengthen your enamel.

Remember that visiting your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings is the best way to ensure that your dental health stays in shape throughout the year. If it’s been a while since your last appointment, be sure to call your dentist today to schedule a visit before the end of the year.


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