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Acrylic Denture

We provide dentists and labs with life-like, natural-looking, and durable restorative prosthetics. Offering a full range of options, our dentists can choose the best clinical option for better dental treatment to its fullest. Our restorative prosthetics, and dentures, are dental appliances that mimic the natural teeth offering a solution to one or more sets of missing teeth. They come in different forms and material, and we do our best to provide quality assurance for the products we make. 

What are Acrylic Dentures?

Acrylic dentures are available in both full and partial forms. A typical advantage of Acrylic dentures is that a new tooth or denture base can be easily added to an existing Acrylic denture. They can often be fabricated even if the current set of teeth have suffered damages. In case the existing natural teeth are extracted, it can be easily replaced with artificial ones. With proper maintenance, these Acrylic dentures can last for several years.


The best part about Acrylic dentures is that they can be designed and fabricated within a short period. They can also be easily relined and used as temporary structures while patients wait for their dental implants or other forms of restoration.
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